What is Ionised Water?

What is Ionized Water?

Ionized water is water with mineral ions in it. Minerals in water become ionized when they either gain or lose electrons. All water found in nature has minerals in it.

  • Ionized water has minerals in it. All water found in nature is ionized to some extent

  • Deionized water has no minerals in it. It is made by distilling water or through reverse osmosis.

  • Water with no minerals in it is not natural water, all natural water has minerals in it.

Two Kinds of Ionized Water

Ionized alkaline water is also known as Electrolyzed Reduced Water because it has been shown in laboratory settings to reduce the effects of oxidation. The ability of ionized alkaline water to reduce oxidative damage is referred to as its Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).

Oxidation – Happens when an acidic substance steals electrons from a substance. Oxidation will damage or destroy a substance; it causes cut apples to turn brown, and metal to rust. Acidic water oxidizes things – including body tissues and DNA, by stealing electrons from them. Doctors recommend antioxidant foods to stop the damage caused by oxidation

Reduction – Happens when an antioxidant substance gives electrons to a substance such as free radicals that attack body tissues and DNA. The antioxidant reduces the free radicals ability to oxidize tissues and DNA. Medical science suggests this process help keep you healthy.

Ionized alkalinewater is known by scientists as Electrolyzed Reduced Water, because it reduces oxidation. ERW has extra electrons which can reduce the ability of harmful substances to oxidize things like tissues and DNA. Research into the health benefits of the reduction caused by ERW is ongoing.

Ionized acidic water is known by scientists as Electrolyzed Oxidative Water (EOW) because it increases oxidation. It’s ability to increase oxidation gives EOW the ability to sanitize surfaces, tools, kitchen implements and more. When it’s made with salt, EOW becomes a powerful disinfectant that replaces many toxic household cleaners.

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